If you don't have money, stuff will do.

Premiere Video at the corner of James and Alabama, in the ol' Red Apple shopping center, has rented a tractor-trailer to transport relief supplies to the south. The tractor-trailer is parked right smack-dab in the parking lot. I would think that many of the things needed would be related to personal hygiene, i.e., toothbrushes, hairbrushes, soap and the like - but to get the skinny first-hand please call them directly at (360) 671-0340.

My husband (highndry) heard this morning on the news that high among the list of needed items are plus-sized clothing. I think most of us have seen the imagery of people wearing makeshift shoes as well. If you can't put money in my can at the Drop, please contribute what you can at Premiere Video for their tractor-trailer. The owner there did something very similar for the Tsunami tragedy, as Alexarc told me tonight.

Please do what you can. Several businesses around town are making it as easy as possible for you to be a part of the solution - Even on my scant 1-mile commute to work I have heard of the Co-Op, Bunks Medical Center, The First Congregational Church on Cornwall, Premiere Video and the Drop collecting the funds/aid that they can to help. I don't care whether you contribute at the Drop. Please contribute somewhere, as a measure of your faith in the human race.

My apologies for the cross-post.

Chaos is just another word for “benign neglect.”

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The Way Home

My mother gave me that antique table yesterday. It's so rickety that she wouldn't take any money for it. I really like it. I'm anxious to fix it up and put it in my eating-place.

It's not really a dining room, and it's not really a nook. It's a tiny little space only barely big enough for my 90's white and pine country dining set, a bench, and three falling apart chairs. I'm anxious to have real furniture, not Costco furniture, you know?

But I was going to tell you about what it's like to come home.

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